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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Expectant Mothers

Is there a cost to stay at the crisis pregnancy home?

There is NO cost to stay at Saint Gianna Crisis Pregnancy Home (CPH).  We provide all the basic day to day needs of the participants and their babies.  If a participant brings a vehicle or cell phone, the cost to maintain those items and services remain the responsibility of the participant. 

What kind of housing accommodations do you provide?

St. Gianna CPH is a safe, newly renovated home located in a tranquil area of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Each woman shares a bedroom furnished with two twin beds, nightstands and chest of drawers for her use during her stay at the home.  Baby monitors and bassinets are provided for her use in the home as well.  A communal washer and dryer are available for use as is Wi-Fi internet. The home houses up to six pregnant women and a Housemother.  There are 2 ½ shared bathrooms, a kitchen, den and dining/education room. 

Are the services confidential?

All services are confidential.  All staff, volunteers, and participants must sign a Confidentiality Agreement stating that they will not discuss anything about the home's participants before, during or after a participant's stay.

Are there rules or guidelines I need to follow while staying at the home?

Yes.  The home's rules, expectations, and guidelines will be openly discussed during the intake process. These will be clearly stated so that a potential participant can make an informed decision as to whether or not she wants to be a part of the program.  St. Gianna CPH is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free facility.

Can I apply to be a participant if I am not Catholic?

Yes!  We welcome expectant mothers at any stage of their pregnancy regardless of their religious beliefs, socio-economic status or ethnicity.  At St. Gianna CPH, we recognize that we all need to be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually nurtured.  As such, all participants will be provided spiritual guidance and time for prayer and be encouraged to seek a faith home to experience God’s love and the freedom and peace that come with a relationship with Him.  However, no one will ever be forced or coerced into becoming Catholic.

Can I continue my education or work while staying at the home?

Yes.  St. Gianna CPH is a working program, meaning that all participants must be enrolled in school or working while they live in the home.  Staff will assist participants by providing them direction on how to pursue their education or obtain employment. A participant is not expected to work for the 6 weeks following delivery of her baby.

What kind of medical care is available?

St. Gianna CPH is not a healthcare facility and as such, does not provide medical or prenatal care.  However, staff will assist participants in securing health and prenatal care and will attempt to secure transportation to prenatal and healthcare appointments.  Participants are required to have their own medical card, Medicaid or private insurance.

Is there counseling or emotional support available?

The emotional well-being of our participants is of great concern. Participants will be referred for counseling and therapy services, and will receive emotional support from the staff and volunteers at St. Gianna CPH.  Each participant is assigned a mentor to help provide support and encouragement, and to assist the participant in her life plans throughout her stay in the home.

Can I involve the baby's father in the process?

With the consent of the participant, an involved father may make an appointment to visit the participant to provide support once the probationary period is complete, at the discretion of the Housemother or House Director. 

How long can I stay at the crisis pregnancy home?

A participant who chooses to keep and care for her baby herself may stay up to 8 months after delivery provided she continues to abide by the home rules.  A participant who chooses to place her baby up for adoption may stay up to 6 weeks after delivery provided she continues to abide by the rules of the home.

What type of classes do you provide?

Some of the types of classes and workshops we provide include: parenting, nutrition, childcare, budgeting, sewing, and housekeeping.  Other classes and workshops will vary depending on the availability of area volunteers.

Can you connect me with other community resources or agencies?

Yes.  St. Gianna CPH has a Director of Resources whose primary job is to keep an updated list of resources and agency information to share with participants while they are staying at St. Gianna CPH.  Participants will also be given resource information before they transition out of the home to help them as they work towards independence.

Can I visit the facility before making a decision?

Absolutely!  An appointment to tour the home can be scheduled by calling 270-702-4984 and speaking with our House Director or Housemother.

How do I apply or enroll in your program?

A potential participant may apply by calling us at 270-702-4984 or emailing us at to set up an interview for the intake process. 


Can you provide information on adoption and the adoption process?

Yes.  We will provide referral information for adoption agencies and adoption attorneys.  If this is the decision a participant chooses to pursue, her mentor will walk along this path with her.

FAQs for Donors

How will my donation be used?
Donations, unless designated for a specific area or capital project, will be used to provide for daily necessities to care for mothers and babies: utilities, office supplies, life skill workshop supplies, counseling, housing, education, or other support services, as well as the salary of the housemother(s) who will be the only paid personnel.

Can I designate how my donation is used?
A donor who wishes to designate their donation to a project, program, or specific area may do so by indicating their choice on the memo section of their check/money order.  If a donor contributes online, after the donation is made, the donor will need to email us at  with their name, the date and amount of the donation that is designated, and the project, program, or area of designation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes.  St. Gianna CPH operates under the umbrella of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Owensboro,  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax deductible and each donor will receive a letter at the end of the calendar year showing their total contribution.

How can I stay updated on your work?
Donors may stay updated on the on the crisis pregnancy home's activities, achievements, and future plans by visiting our website, following us on social media, and through receiving the home’s bi-annual newsletter.  The newsletter will also be available on our website

Can I donate items instead of money?
St. Gianna CPH is in ongoing need of in-kind donations such as maternity and infant clothing, infant care supplies such as diapers, baby wipes and formula, toiletries, and supplies for workshops, classroom, and office use. A wish list will be posted on our website and on Facebook

What specific services do you provide to pregnant individuals?
Services offered by the St. Gianna CPH include: housing, food, one-on-one mentoring, life skills training in areas such as parenting, budgeting, nutrition, housekeeping and health and well-being.

Do you have any specific goals or projects I can support?
St. Gianna CPH is currently seeking monetary donations for our "Do a 180!" fundraising campaign to cover our operating expenses.  Future plans include seeking funds for a deck and outdoor space for the participants, and a raised garden.

How can I get involved beyond donating?
The volunteer opportunities to support St. Gianna CPH are numerous. St. Gianna CPH is always in need of volunteers to share their God-given time, talents, and skills.  Some of the opportunities include:  mentoring participants; teaching a class or workshop on things such as parenting, caring for an infant, sewing, resume writing, growing their own vegetables, and mastering basic clerical and computer skills; transporting participants to medical appointments; serving on one of the program's committees; or helping with landscaping and lawn care.  Volunteers could even host a game or craft night to promote community and camaraderie among the participants. 

Annually, St. Gianna CPH hosts a fundraising Gala that is completely run by volunteers.  All aspects of this event provide opportunities to share their personal and professional help to make this event a success.

What measures do you have in place to ensure transparency and accountability?
St. Gianna CPH is run by a volunteer board of directors. An annual financial report of all program donations and expenses will be published on our website. Donor information will be kept confidential, and none of their personal data will be shared or sold to other organizations.
Can I visit your facility to see the work in person?
Yes.  A tour of the home can be scheduled by making an appointment, in advance, with our House Director by calling 270-702-4984.

How else can I help spread the word about your organization?
Donors can help spread the word and raise awareness about St. Gianna CPH by allowing the placement of brochures at their businesses or by becoming an ambassador at their local church, house of worship, or charity organization.  Interested individuals can share information about St. Gianna CPH at club and organization meetings or post and share on social media.  If you know of a business or organization that serves expectant women in crisis, please direct them to our website at

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