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Making Progress

Great news! We are making quick progress on the repairs after the tornado damage. In addition to fixing the roof, we are adding a dormer across the front of the house to enlarge the upstairs bedrooms. The dining room addition is also coming along nicely, with the roof and siding now complete. Stay tuned for more updates!

April 2024

Interior Repairs from Tornado

The two photos below show the tearing down of the walls underneath where the tree fell on the house during the December 9, 2023 tornado.  There was some water damage in the walls, both upstairs and in the closet directly below on the first floor. Repairs and remodeling  are now underway!

March 2024

Framing of the addition to the home

February 2024

Pouring the footers for the addition to the home

December 2023 /January 2024

Tornado Damage to St. Gianna Crisis Pregnancy Home

December 2023

Cleaning Day

A huge shoutout to our many volunteers who are working to get the house ready to open!

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