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Mother and Daughter

We welcome your interest in the mentor role at St Gianna! Please read through the Mentor Fact sheet to get a picture of the purpose and expectations of this volunteer position. If it feels like a great fit for you, please fill out the application. We will review applications, contact character references and then contact possible mentors for interviews.   

Mentor Fact Sheet

What does it mean to mentor moms at St Gianna Crisis Pregnancy Home? Mentoring means “to empower another person by sharing your experiences and resources.” The mentor program at St Gianna Crisis Pregnancy Home seeks to transform moms’ lives in order to develop interdependent woman through goal setting, education and personal growth.


Mentors walk alongside each mom and assist her in envisioning and realizing her future through obtaining the skills and resources needed to make the necessary changes in her life so she can create a loving, healthy and functional home for herself and her child.


The mentor program is an opportunity to become the hands and feet of Jesus for moms in the community. The mentor assists and guides moms to reach spiritual, physical, career and personal goals. Ultimately we hope to instill in each mom the understanding that she is loved by God and by us and that she and her child are not alone.


Mentor Requirements

  • Be a female, at least 21 years of age

  • Reside within an hour driving time of Bowling Green

  • Commit to meeting regularly with assigned mentee, as deemed necessary by mentor and mentee mutually – this is an essential commitment

  • Complete the screening process

  • Attend and complete mentor trainings as required and set forth in our training policy

  • Communicate regularly with the Director of Mentors and answer questions on Monthly Communication sheet

  • Attend monthly Peer Mentor Group meetings with Director and other mentors to serve as ongoing support and training

  • Complete  Diocesan Safe Environment Training and background check

  • Not be a user of illicit drugs or be currently in treatment for substance abuse

  • Not have falsified information during the screening process

  • The length of the relationship will be decided by and agreed upon by both mentor and mentee based on specific mentee needs (along with consultation of Director of Mentors)


Mentor Role

  • Take lead in supporting her assigned mom through an ongoing, 1:1 relationship

  • Be committed to meeting with mom once a week (in person, teleconference or phone)

  • Serve as a positive role model and leader

  • Build each mom’s self concept/identity as a daughter of God.

  • Hold a position of leadership and maintain boundaries for the health of the relationship, rather than just being a friend

  • Empower another person by sharing your experiences and wisdom when applicable, keeping the main focus as listener/facilitator to the mom; intentional/planned meetings, not just story sharing.

  • Listen, encourage and support your mom in the problem-solving process for her challenges

  • Ask questions rather than give answers

  • Assist mom as she creates goals and works toward accomplishing them. Hold her accountable for following through.

  • Assist mom by connecting her with needed classes and resources in the community


Desirable Qualities

  • Willing listener, encouraging, supportive, and patient

  • A faith filled example of someone who loves the Lord and believes in His promises

  • Committed, trustworthy, dependable and flexible

  • Ability to draw boundaries

  • Non-judgmental and respectful of individual differences


Who Will I Be Helping?

  • Moms in the South Central KY and beyond who demonstrate a desire and need to participate in the program. Moms who are willing to abide by all policies and procedures, commitments and complete the screening procedure.

  • Moms who are committed to making changes in their lives

  • Referrals will come from pregnancy centers, prenatal assistance programs, physicians, hospitals, churches, community organizations, etc.


Mentors and Mentees will Be Matched

Matches/suitability will be determined base on the following, with the first being priority:

  • Preferences and needs of the mentee

  • Similar background/history and past life experiences

  • Common interests, similar personalities


I’m In! What’s Next?

  • Fill out a mentor application below and submit to St Gianna Crisis Pregnancy Home. If you prefer, you may download a printable copy of the application and then submit it via email to or mail it to St. Gianna CPH, P.O. Box 50822, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

  • Directors will review applications, contact character references and then contact possible mentors for interviews


You have what it takes to be a great mentor! When you intentionally share with others (with transparency and authenticity) what you have learned, you open up the possibility that they will grow in multiple areas of their life. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to help others not just survive, but thrive. Most people just need someone to hear, encourage and support them. God wants to use you and all that you have experienced to influence and change lives through mentoring!

St Gianna CPH Mentor Application

Submit your application so we can begin working together!

Do you have a current Safe Environment Training and Background Check from a Catholic Diocese?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact soon!

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